• Last Updated: October 10, 2018
HockeyGurl Designs LLC

Jeremy Roenick Dot Com was established by HockeyGurl Designs in January 1999 as a birthday present for JR. We told him he needed a domain name, and his response, with a smile, was "Okay". To this day, we are not sure whether or not he knew what a domain name was that afternoon we asked.

We want to thank the enthusiastic supporters who have been with us through thick and thin since this website's original appearance in 1999. We want to thank the fans and the foes who have visited and sent their well wishes (and not so well wishes), and those who have encouraged us to return. We are happy to be back, providing our visitors with the latest Roenick news and videos and keeping everyone updated on his exploits. | Read more -->



Chicago Blackhawks Convention 2018

The 11th annual Blackhawks Convention, presented by Magellan Corporation, will be held from July 27-29, 2018, at the Hilton Chicago (720 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago). The Convention will feature both current Blackhawks players and alumni throughout the weekend and include numerous autograph and photo sessions, Q&A panels, exhibits, interactive games and much more. Blackhawks players, coaches, executives and alumni will attend the event. Attending this year will be Jeremy Roenick.

Jeremy Roenick Hockey School Chicago 2018

The first annual Jeremy Roenick Hockey School was a tremendous success! Visit their new website for information on this year's event. | Read More -->

Jeremy Roenick and Billy Jaffe, talking hockey and just about everything else. These podcasts from the 2017 season offer JR's view on the NHL, the other major sports, and even politics, with big name guests and fun segments where you get to interact with JR through social media. | Read more -->

Jeremy Roenick, one of the premier hockey players of his generation and one of the greatest American stars the NHL has ever known, shares his life story in two frank and unflinching autobiographies. | Read more -->

Hockey 101

Hockey Rink illustration

Hockey is played on an ice surface by two teams of six players wearing skates that allow them to move at speeds of up to 30 mph. The object of this fast-paced game is for the players, using a stick, to put a small hard rubber disk (puck) into the net of the opposing team, thus scoring a goal. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins. | Read more -->